Memoranda project is an open volunteer project based on the spirit of the Open Development and Free Software. You can visit the project home at

Getting involved

There are lots of ways to contribute to the project. We are always glad to meet the developers, testers, UI and UX designers, writers of documentation and help topics, localization translators and other people who want to get involved to the project and assist in its further continuation and development.

The first step if you are going to get involved is to subscribe to Memoranda mailing list. This does not require any registration except for submitting your e-mail address. As a mailing list member you can make a good direct contribution like as proposing ideas and new features, reporting bugs, submitting patches, bug-fixes, resources, etc.

Further participation may require your registration and getting the user's account. Please refer to SourceForge website documentation to know how to get one. Also you probably will need the knowledge of CVS and SourceForge collaboration tools. Fortunately, SF docs is quite sufficient to get the basics of this knowledge.

CVS repository access

Everyone can get anonymous read-only access to CVS repository and checkout source code from SourceForge CVS server. To do so, simply use the following CVS commands:

$ cvs login
CVS password: (hit enter at the password prompt)
$ cvs checkout memoranda

If you are not familiar with CVS, Basic Introduction to CVS and Project CVS Services may hold many helpful hints.

Developer access to CVS

To get the write access to CVS repository and make the commits you need to be registered as the member of Memoranda project with developer rights. Please contact to Memoranda project administrator to get these permissions. Note that you should register as a SF.NET user before and provide your SF login name (but not a password!) to administrator.

After you've got a confirmation, you can check your account and start to make your commits. We ask to supply each commit with a brief understandable commit message and put a brief resume of total changes you've made (with your SF username) to top of CHANGES.txt file in the root of module (after you've finished to commit). It helps us to know what changes were introduced and who has made them. The good practice also is to notify other commiters what are you going to do, because it helps to avoid situations when two or more developers do the same job.

All possible development problems and conflicts are resolved by public discussion in the project mailing list.

CVS mailing list

The Memoranda CVS mailing list allows you to be notified about every changes made in CVS repository. The posts there are automatically generated on each commit to immediately inform all subscribers about latest changes.

To subscribe and unsubscribe this list please visit the following link:


Mailing lists