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The Memoranda project mailing list is a main open forum of Memoranda users, contributors and anyone who is interested in this project. You can use this list to get latest project news and updates, discuss issues related to using the software, submit the bug reports, patches and resources, propose your contribution and many other things. Your posting to the mailing list guarantees that your message will be read by all participants. The traffic in this mailing list grows together with project activity.

To write to and read this list you need to be subscribed. Please visit the following link to subscribe:

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Announce mailing list

The Memoranda Announce mailing list is for the people who want to get the announcements about software updates only. It has a very slow traffic and it is a good choice if you want to be informed about Memoranda latest news and new versions.

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Memoranda IRC channel

You can join the "#memoranda" IRC channel on Freenode to chat with Memoranda developers and users.

Bug reports, patches submission and feature requests

To do so you can use the mailing list or the web-based Bugs, Patches and Feature requests trackers provided by SF.NET. For new bug, we ask you to register it with bugs tracker right after or before you submit it to mailing list. It will helps us to keep the consistent bugs database and fix them faster.

When submit a bug, don't forget to mention your platform, JRE version number and Memoranda release build version. If there are Java exceptions occured, try to copy the traceback output from the console window and attach it to your report.

Open Discussion web-forum at SF.NET

The project home at SF.NET provides the Open Discussion web-based forum , where you can discuss the software. The forum is open for all and doesn't require any registration or subscription. This kind of dialogue may be more preferable for you, but keep in mind that we do not consider the web-forum as a place for resolving principal issues and many of project participants may have no time to check it often. So, you cannot be sure in getting immediate response on your post. Also if you going to submit there a bug report, a patch or a feature request, please use the special SourceForge tools (see above).

Contact the project administrator

Generally, you don't need to contact the Memoranda administrator directly. He is always ready to discuss your issues in mailing list. However, if you think you have some important question requiring direct contact, feel free.


Development of the Memoranda is not sponsored by any organization and supplied by the personal voluntary contributions. A very helpful contribution is to make a donation to fund development time, hardware and other resources needed to continue activities of the project.

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